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December 2017 Archives

Pregnancy and motor vehicle accidents

We have looked at motor vehicle crashes from different viewpoints, but some people are in unique circumstances which make a crash especially devastating. For example, someone who is pregnancy may fear that an accident has injured their unborn child, which can lead to a great deal of stress. Worse, some accidents have even proved fatal for pregnant women and their children. Our law office knows how challenging these crashes can be for pregnant women and their loved ones.

When truck companies are responsible for crashes

When it comes to large truck wrecks, people often focus on accidents that are caused by reckless truck drivers or the drivers of other vehicles. Truck driver fatigue, intoxicated driving, and other factors such as trying to pass a truck without enough room are frequently referenced. However, there are many more truck crash causes and in some instances, a truck company is responsible for the collision. If you were involved in a large truck wreck, our law office knows how crucial it is to carefully go over all of the details that are relevant to the accident, such as figuring out whether or not a truck company shares some blame in the accident.

How do medication errors happen?

If you have been prescribed a medication or anticipate that you will soon need to take a certain drug, you could have different questions running through your mind. For example, you might be worried about side effects or other issues related to the medication. Unfortunately, some people are hurt because of a medication error, which can occur in many different ways. It is vital to be vigilant and watch out for these errors, but if you believe a mistake has already caused you to suffer you may also want to look over legal options.

Avoiding the no-zones of trucks

Our law firm knows that truck crashes happen for many reasons and that victims cannot always prevent an accident. For example, a trucker might decide to operate their vehicle even though they have consumed alcohol or failed to get enough sleep and are too fatigued to safely drive. Moreover, trucking companies may also be responsible for accidents in some instances, such as those which involve inadequate maintenance, or even defective parts. In some cases, drivers are able to prevent an accident and it is imperative for you to understand any potential danger areas when you are on the road, from the risks posed by inclement weather to the no-zones of a large truck.

Obtaining medical records after a wreck

Following a motor vehicle crash, you may be facing a plethora of challenges. Often, victims of car accidents require medical treatment due to a broken bone or another type of injury. Getting the medical care you need is pivotal, but your path to recovery should not end there. Depending on what happened, it may be a wise decision to take your case to the courtroom or file an insurance claim. We realize that you may need to obtain your medical records in order secure the compensation you are counting on.

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