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When truck companies are responsible for crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | blog

When it comes to large truck wrecks, people often focus on accidents that are caused by reckless truck drivers or the drivers of other vehicles. Truck driver fatigue, intoxicated driving, and other factors such as trying to pass a truck without enough room are frequently referenced. However, there are many more truck crash causes and in some instances, a truck company is responsible for the collision. If you were involved in a large truck wreck, our law office knows how crucial it is to carefully go over all of the details that are relevant to the accident, such as figuring out whether or not a truck company shares some blame in the accident.

There are various ways that truck companies can be wholly or partially responsible for an accident. For example, a company may pressure drivers to work excessively long hours, resulting in truck driver fatigue. Or, perhaps a truck company fails to properly inspect and maintain trucks. When trucks are not inspected regularly and maintained appropriately, the chances of an accident are increased and a collision may be caused by this disregard for safety laws that are in place.

Truck crashes leave people with broken bones and injuries that may last for the rest of their lives. Sadly, they also prove fatal in many instances. You should not give up if you were hit by a large truck, whether the driver or the company they work for was responsible. Our truck accidents section offers more semi truck wreck info.