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Allergies and motor vehicle accidents

Auto collisions can be caused by many different factors, but people may forget about some of the risks that are mentioned less frequently. For example, those who struggle with seasonal allergies (caused by tree pollen, ragweed, and so on) could be more likely to cause an accident while driving. Sometimes, allergies can flare up and cause someone who suffers with this condition to drive erratically. Moreover, medicines that are taken to address allergies can also cause a driver to become drowsy behind the wheel, which is incredibly dangerous.

Sometimes, those who struggle with seasonal allergies ignore their symptoms and try to push on. For example, they may need to get to work or handle other responsibilities and they may feel as if they have no choice but to drive, regardless of the symptoms they are experiencing. Unfortunately, their ability to abide by traffic safety rules may be adversely affected by the symptoms they are struggling with, such as sneezing, headaches and nasal drip. A driver may reach for a tissue while driving, causing them to take their eyes off the road for a couple of seconds and cause a motor vehicle collision. Moreover, a driver who is constantly sneezing may struggle to focus on the road as well.

When a driver becomes startled

Auto accidents have many causes, a number of which have been covered on this blog. However, it is essential to keep in mind that completely unexpected problems can arise for experienced and responsible drivers. For example, someone may do their best to abide by traffic safety laws, obey signs, stay within the speed limit and so on. However, they could cause an accident when they become startled for one reason or another. It is important to be aware of these potential challenges and make sure that you continue to drive safe and remain calm in the event that you come across something that is startling.

There are all sorts of reasons why a driver may become startled behind the wheel. For example, a wild animal such as a bear or deer may run onto the road. On a smaller scale, insects such as spiders and bees can also cause drivers to become startled. Fireworks, the erratic behavior of other drivers and even severe weather are some of the other reasons why drivers may become startled while they are on the road.

When an on-the-job car crash occurs

Motor vehicle accidents happen at all times of day (and night), from the early morning hours on weekdays to weekends. Some occur while people are driving to or from work or running personal errands, but others happen while people are on the job. Not only do large truck drivers, taxi drivers and others whose job revolves around driving a vehicle run the risk of being involved in a work-related crash, but people employed in other types of fields may face these threats as well. Moreover, work-related accidents can be devastating in more ways than one.

A construction worker may be involved in a collision while driving a truck, or someone working on a job site (including a road construction site) may be hit by a truck. Even office workers may be involved in a job-related accident, such as those who are asked to run an errand (pick up lunch, buy supplies, etc.). Regardless of the reasons why work-related motor vehicle wrecks continue to happen, the consequences can be damaging for workers as well as their employers.

Tourism and motor vehicle collisions

In many parts of the country, the summer months see a surge in the number of tourists in a particular area. This can help local economies, but it can also frustrate locals and cause other problems, such as an increased chance of motor vehicle collisions. In this write-up, we will examine some of the reasons why tourism can increase the possibility to a car crash.

For starters, more tourists often means more cars on the road. This can lead to traffic congestion, which can make roadways more dangerous and also lead to other behaviors, such as road rage or a driver speeding to make it to an appointment on time. Tourism can also be risky because it may increase the number of drivers who are not familiar with local roads or even local laws. Tourists who are visiting from another state or another country may be more likely to cause an accident because they lack familiarity with driving in a certain region.

Was speeding the cause of your rear-end crash?

Why did a car hit yours from behind when you stopped at an intersection? Was the other driver distracted? Was he using a cellphone?

While it is obvious that he was not paying attention, speeding was the real reason the driver struck your car from behind and caused your head injury.

When you hit your head during a car crash

Motor vehicle accidents can bring a number of consequences for victims, some of which are financial (medical costs, lost wages, and so forth), emotional (depression, anxiety, etc.) and physical. Not only do car accident victims suffer broken bones and lacerations, but there are other serious injuries that can occur as a result of a car accident—some of which may be difficult to detect at first. For example, many people hit their head in a crash and it is important for you to figure out if your brain was injured if you struck your head in a collision.

After hitting your head, you may not notice any immediate signs of an injury. However, your brain could have been injured in the wreck. Brain injuries can go under the radar for some time after the initial accident, and they can make life difficult in many different ways. Some people may struggle with changes to their personality, have more difficulty remembering things or experience other mental difficulties after hitting their head in a motor vehicle wreck.

Is a pharmacist liable for a drug reaction?

When you get your prescription filled at a Texas pharmacy, the pharmacist may ask if you have any questions about your medication. Whether you say yes or no, he or she is likely to next you to note that you accepted counseling from him or her regarding your medication. While you absolutely should discuss the possible outcomes of any prescription with your doctor, your pharmacist has specialized training regarding medications and may have some important information that the doctor didn't mention.

If the pharmacist doesn't provide that information, and you have a bad reaction to the medication, is he or she liable?

Truck drivers and prescription medications

Large truck wrecks happen across the country for many different reasons. Fatigue is especially prevalent in the industry and many truck drivers do not get the amount of sleep they need before getting behind the wheel, while others drive for extended periods of time and are dangerously tired. However, drowsy driving can also be caused by the consumption of prescription medication. Moreover, some truck drivers may intentionally or accidentally find themselves intoxicated as a result of taking prescriptions. Sadly, this can interfere with their driving abilities and lead to a collision which proves fatal or causes victims to sustain major injuries.

There are all sorts of prescription drugs that truck drivers consume behind the wheel, legally and illegally. Some are intended to address pain, while others are meant to reduce anxiety or help with allergies. These different drugs can affect those who take them differently and may cause a wide variety of side effects that can affect someone’s ability to drive safe. Moreover, when someone is in control of a semi truck and they are not able to focus on the road or manage the truck, this can be extremely dangerous.

Summer break, teen drivers and car accidents

There are a host of reasons why teens may be more likely to find themselves in an accident at certain times. For example, some young drivers may not have very much experience behind the wheel or they could drive drunk due to peer pressure. There are a number of other risk factors that teen drivers and those riding in a car driven by a teenager may need to watch out for, such as speeding, fatigue and more. Unfortunately, these crashes have left many people with devastating injuries and it is especially crucial for teens and the parents of young drivers to watch out during summer break.

Over the summer vacation, many young drivers enjoy a sense of freedom and having the ability to take a break from school. This is also a time when many young people get together with their friends, go on road trips or find other ways to enjoy their summer break. However, motor vehicle accidents can completely shatter a young person’s summer break and leave them with debilitating injuries. Worse, some of these crashes prove fatal.

Being uninsured or underinsured can create a host of problems

We understand that car insurance can be expensive, especially in the tough financial climate many Texans are experiencing. It can be particularly difficult to pay for full coverage. However, the reality is that all drivers in the Lone Star state are responsible for insuring vehicles they drive on public roads. If you fail to insure your car and get into an accident, the consequences can be more expensive and extensive than you bargained for.

Unfortunately, you might suffer even if you are insured, but the other driver in the accident had no insurance or was insufficiently covered. For example, an underinsured driver might pay for the bare minimum of liability coverage. If he or she was found at fault in an accident that injured you, liability insurance might only pay for a fraction of your damages – meaning you are responsible for the rest of your expenses.

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