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January 2018 Archives

What are some other large truck wreck causes?

On this blog, various risks associated with large truck collisions have been covered, such as fatigue and negligent truck companies. However, there are all sorts of other factors that can result in a collision involving a large truck and it is important for all drivers to keep these risks in mind. Unfortunately, some large truck operators in Houston and other parts of Texas neglect to pay attention to various threats when behind the wheel, resulting in a devastating crash.

How can employers prevent winter-related traffic crashes?

For many workers, driving is a part of daily life. Many employees drive to and from work each day, but some are also required to operate a vehicle as part of their job duties. Unfortunately, this can lead to motor vehicle collisions, which can be especially likely during the winter months in certain locations. While traffic accidents cannot always be prevented, there are a number of steps that employers can take to reduce the likelihood of one of their employees being involved in a traffic crash.

Window tinting, visibility, and accidents

There are all sorts of ways in which traffic collisions occur, whether a driver collides with another vehicle while making a turn at dangerous speeds or someone falls asleep at the wheel. However, visibility can also play a role in motor vehicle collisions. For example, fog might interfere with someone’s ability to see what is in front of them, leading to an accident. In some cases, a vehicle with tinted windows might also impact a driver’s visibility, making them unable to see other vehicles and obstacles on the road as clear as possible.

Nicotine and auto accidents

We have been over different factors that can lead to a crash, such as a driver’s decision to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. That said, there are many more factors that can play a role in motor vehicle accidents that are not given as much attention. For example, many people may not be aware that nicotine and nicotine delivery methods, from smokeless tobacco to cigarettes and vaping, could make an accident more likely in certain instances.

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