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How much damage can a big rig accident cause?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Truck Accidents

When truck drivers lose control of their vehicles, the damage to nearby property can be devastating. More importantly, people inside small cars and those walking near the road have precious little protection against the force and weight of a big rig.

Motorists can make better decisions while on the road and in the aftermath of an accident by understanding just how much damage a large truck can cause when negligence leads to tragedy.

Are trucking accidents really that dangerous?

It goes without saying that a large truck, especially one with a loaded trailer, carries massive weight and is unlikely to slow down even after colliding with a typical passenger vehicle. Trailers that tip over due to sharp turns or windy weather are also capable of causing tremendous crushing damage. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports 4,014 fatalities in large truck crashes for the year 2020, exemplifying the potential danger that big rigs can pose.

What are the main causes of large truck accidents?

Some big rig accidents are the result of dangerous habits on the part of truck drivers. Momentary distractions can lead to catastrophic accidents, and drivers who work long hours and continue to operate their vehicles while fatigued can create dangerous situations as well. Trucking companies can often be at fault as well, though, when poor maintenance or sloppy loading procedures create precarious circumstances that truck drivers cannot control.

Large trucks have size and power capable of bringing down traffic infrastructure, plowing through multiple smaller vehicles and severely harming the occupants within. Motorists who experience a large truck accident should take appropriate legal action to determine who is at fault and secure the compensation they deserve.