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July 2019 Archives

Do not drive if you take certain medications

Many people in Texas are taking at least one type of over-the-counter or prescription medication, whether for an acute problem or a chronic health issue. What some do not realize is that there are numerous medications that negatively affect one's ability to drive or operate machinery. If someone drives under the influence of these drugs, not only does this increase the chances of accidents, but it can also result in a DUI.

How should you react to an aggressive driver?

There are many behaviors that may result in car accidents, including aggressive driving. While this problem does not always get as much attention as drunk or distracted driving, Texas does have laws in place that punish aggressive drivers with a fine and possible jail time. If you encounter an aggressive driver on the road, it is important to react in a way that limits the chances of a collision or confrontation. If you feel that you are in danger from an aggressive driver, you should call the police.

Costs related to car accidents

When someone gets into a car accident in Texas, there are numerous costs associated with it. There is usually property damage as well as injuries that need medical attention. There may also be a loss of work days. Depending on whose fault the crash is, one party may pay for these expenses or various parties may split the costs.

What to do about the surge in truck accidents

Drivers in Texas regularly share the road with truck drivers. While most drivers exercise caution when in close proximity to big rigs, some are reckless regardless of who they share the roads with. Even when careful, some drivers may become the unfortunate victim of another driver’s mistake. Maybe a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel or swerves to avoid a pedestrian and strikes the car in the neighboring lane.

Staying safe in work zones near commercial trucks

Commercial trucks go by many names. You may call them semi’s, big rigs, tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers. They are a common part of the highway landscape in Texas. Loaded with goods from salsa to tennis shoes, they weigh several tons. The weight makes stopping quickly virtually impossible. Now that summer has arrived, work-zones for widening roads and repairing damaged pavement are also numerous. At Charles J. Argento, we often represent clients injured in a collision with a big truck.

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