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Tactics insurers may use after an accident

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting into a motor vehicle accident can be stressful, and dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath sometimes only adds to the stress. It is helpful to be aware of some of the things that automobile insurance companies may try to do after an accident to avoid paying out as much as they should.

These are some of the tactics that insurers may use after an accident in Texas.

Catching the opposing party off guard

One tactic that some insurers use is calling the opposing party while they are still freshly injured in an attempt to catch them off-guard. Although the person involved in the collision is aware that they are talking to the other driver’s insurer, they may still divulge information that the insurer can ultimately use against them.

Disputing the medical bills

Another tactic is disputing the medical bills of the injured party in order to reduce the amount that the insurer has to pay out. The insurer might say, for example, that someone received unnecessary treatment or received treatment for longer than they needed.

Delaying payment for a claim

Sometimes, insurance companies are slow to respond or avoid responding at all in order to delay paying an approved claim for as long as possible. They might hope that the person involved in the accident with the approved claim will eventually get frustrated and quit trying to pursue the payment.

By being aware of some of the tactics that insurers might use after an accident, people can avoid falling for those tactics.