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November 2017 Archives

How prevalent are fatal truck wrecks?

Victims of truck accidents often face many different challenges as they try to piece their lives back together, from painful injuries to hospital expenses, emotional problems, and lost wages. Sadly, many of these accidents also result in the loss of life, which frequently leaves families with overwhelming sadness and financial problems that can make life even harder. In Houston, and cities around the entire state of Texas, it is crucial for truck drivers to respect their responsibilities and prevent a crash. Tragically, far too many lives are claimed in deadly truck accidents each year.

What are the different drug recall categories?

News of prescription drug recalls can quickly cause you and other Houston residents to panic. There is good reason behind your concerns; taking a defective or dangerous drug can cause severe harm or (in certain cases) even death. Yet not every drug recall is due to a potentially fatal complication. Understanding how drug recalls are classified may help you and others to avoid unnecessary stress. 

What are common causes of car accidents?

Car accidents are one of the biggest threats to human well-being and life in Houston and across the country. When vehicles collide, the victims often sustain minor or no injuries. However, many incidents result in car accident victims sustaining serious trauma to their bodies and losing their lives. As dangerous as car accidents are, many people do not realize how much of a role they play in them. 

Car crash victims and online posts

In the information age, it is especially important to be careful when it comes to online behavior and activity. This is relevant to many aspects of life but is particularly true with regard to the process of recovering from a car accident. If you plan on filing an accident claim with your insurance company or are contemplating legal action against a driver who has virtually destroyed your life, you may want to avoid discussing certain facets of the collision or the difficulties you are facing on the internet. For some people, online activity has had a negative impact on the outcome of their case, interfering with their ability to access benefits they desperately needed.

Trick-or-treating and traffic crashes

For parents, Halloween can be a fun holiday to experience with children, but it can also be stressful. Going door-to-door and transporting kids to and from activities can add even more to a parent's plate. Sadly, some parents and their children are involved in traffic collisions during this holiday, which can be even more likely to occur for different reasons. Not only is there often an increase in pedestrian traffic on Halloween, but many people attend parties and consume alcohol, some of whom decide to drive afterward. Our firm knows the numerous hardships that victims of these wrecks face during any time of year and we believe that negligent drivers should be held legally responsible for suffering they cause.

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