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December 2018 Archives

Motion sickness and car crashes

Sometimes, people experience motion sickness while they are behind the wheel. This can be especially problematic for those who spend a long amount of time in the car, or those who find themselves making many turns or driving around sharp corners. When some people are not feeling well, their driving abilities may be affected in various ways. Aside from feeling nauseous and even vomiting, some drivers may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision. On the road, you should be mindful of these issues if you experience motion sickness, feel dizzy or have any other problem that could impact your ability to operate your vehicle.

Left-hand turns and auto accidents

Driving can be especially tricky at certain times, from taking to the road in an area that has seen significant snowfall to driving through congested traffic during rush hour. It can be more difficult to drive in certain spots, such as those which have confusing signs or are constantly busy. Moreover, certain maneuvers may be more challenging and lead to a higher chance of a crash. For example, some drivers may have a harder time making a left-hand turn on a particular road as opposed to a right-hand turn.

Seizure may be to blame for Grand Parkway collision

For many in Houston, the years of experience behind the wheel may have them feeling like driving is such a second-nature activity that they can do it in almost any conditions. Yet in some cases, it may not be the road conditions that make it difficult for one to operate a vehicle, but rather their own physical condition. There is reason behind a doctor asking a patient if they have someone to drive them home, or if one who is sick is advised to have another run errands for them. When people are not at their best both physically and mentally, then they may not be able to perform well behind the wheel, either. 

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