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October 2017 Archives

Obstructed vision and traffic accidents

People recognize many of the well-known and highly-publicized risk factors associated with traffic crashes, such as DUI, using a cell phone behind the wheel, and speeding. That said, there are many other potential hazards and risks that can cause a motor vehicle accident, such as obstructed vision or poor eyesight. If you are trying to recover from a crash that happened because a driver could not see the road appropriately, our law firm understands the different levels of pain you may be trying to work through, from a physical, mental, and financial standpoint.

Different examples of distracted driving

For some drivers, the sight of a spider on or near their body can be terrifying. Unfortunately, this can evoke so much fear that they might take their eyes away from the road for a few seconds, just enough time to cause them to lose control of their vehicle and collide with another car. If you were hit by a driver who was distracted due to their fear of spiders, or failed to pay attention to the road for any other reason, it is essential for you to look into your legal rights. Sadly, drivers will keep putting the lives of others at risk due to these distractions and other factors.

Responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to manage drug safety

Prescription medication users in Texas should know that all drugs come with certain side effects. The pharmaceutical companies who manufacture these medications are responsible for communicating all possible negative consequences of taking their drugs. Healthcare providers also need to have this information so they can prescribe the proper meds for their patients.

How can I avoid a rollover accident?

There are many dangers that you should be mindful of, as a driver. For example, you should avoid getting behind the wheel if you think you might have had a bit much too drink. Moreover, you should watch out for going over the speed limit or driving when road conditions are poor due to inclement weather. However, there are other risks that drivers face across Texas, such as the threat of a rollover accident. In order to avoid finding yourself in one of these crashes, it may be beneficial to review some information on these accidents.

What is really covered under your auto insurance plan?

When you purchased your new car, you also bought "full coverage" auto insurance to protect you and your vehicle in case of an accident. However, you were driving home from work when a distracted motorist hit you and drove away. Now your bills are coming in, and you are paying a lot more than you expected. Shouldn't auto insurance cover all of your medical and car repair bills?

Fender benders can cause soft tissue injuries

One big misconception about car accidents is that property damage correlates with injury severity. It only makes sense that a fender bender would only result in little-to-no injury, right? Actually, this is not always the case. Minor auto collisions can result in life-altering and expensive injuries.

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