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November 2018 Archives

Can cigarette smoking cause a car crash?

Driving drunk and taking illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel is not only dangerous but against the law as well. However, some drivers do not realize that other types of behaviors may increase the probability of a motor vehicle collision also. For example, someone may be more likely to cause a car accident if they are smoking a cigarette while they are driving. Even though this may not seem like something that would cause a crash, there are various concerns associated with this behavior.

Driving while you are sick

People often focus on driving while drunk, drowsy or distracted, and this is important because all three of these behaviors can be incredibly dangerous (not to mention against the law). However, there are many other instances where a person’s ability to drive safe may be impaired. For example, someone who is struggling with a head cold or some other type of viral or bacterial infection may struggle to drive properly. Unfortunately, people who drive when they are sick can increase the chances of a crash for multiple reasons.

Driving with bald tires

A number of risk factors can make a driver more likely to collide with either another vehicle or an object. However, some of these risks come from carelessness, such as a person who fails to replace their tires when necessary. Some drivers may not be aware that their tires are bald, endangering the lives of others and putting their own safety in jeopardy. Others may realize that they need to get new tires, but they might push it off due to poverty or procrastination. Regardless, whenever someone drives around when their tires are in very poor shape, they increase the chances of things going wrong on the road.

2017 sees spike in truck accident deaths in Texas

If you are like most people who live in Texas, you find yourself next to semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles while on the road on a relatively regular basis. These big rigs are essential for many things as they transport the goods people need to use and purchase for both consumers and businesses alike. However, these vehicles can also pose serious risks to other motorists if they are involved in accidents.

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