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Avoiding the no-zones of trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2017 | blog

Our law firm knows that truck crashes happen for many reasons and that victims cannot always prevent an accident. For example, a trucker might decide to operate their vehicle even though they have consumed alcohol or failed to get enough sleep and are too fatigued to safely drive. Moreover, trucking companies may also be responsible for accidents in some instances, such as those which involve inadequate maintenance, or even defective parts. In some cases, drivers are able to prevent an accident and it is imperative for you to understand any potential danger areas when you are on the road, from the risks posed by inclement weather to the no-zones of a large truck.

No-zones, which are also known as blind spots, are areas near a truck which the truck driver is unable to see. For example, if someone follows too closely behind a truck, or is driving too close to the truck from either side or in front, they may be in a position where the truck driver cannot see them, increasing the likelihood of a collision. If you do not know where the no-zones are located, it is important to familiarize yourself with this information before you drive so that you can decrease the chances of an accident. If you decide to pass a large truck, it is very important to pass properly.

Truck accidents can cause a great deal of pain, but victims deserve a voice. Our truck accidents section offers more info related to tractor trailer crashes.