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June 2019 Archives

Tips for driving at night

People who drive at night in Texas may not be aware that doing so greatly increases their chances of being in an accident. Not only is it harder to see when it is dark out, but certain conditions make it even more challenging to see the road. Ideally, driving at night should only occur when necessary, and if one must drive there are certain tips that can enhance safety for everyone.

Updated warnings for diabetes medicine Invokana

There are many prescription drugs Texas residents may take to help manage type 2 diabetes, but not all of them may be as safe as originally thought. Recent studies and public safety announcements have confirmed that the original warnings for the drug canagliflozin may not cover all the associated risks and side effects.

How overloaded trucks lead to motor vehicle fatalities

As a Texas motorist, you are no stranger to driving beside diverse types of vehicles on the road. You know your safety depends partially on other motorists operating their automobiles responsibly. When it comes to semi-trailers and large commercial trucks, you know many factors can impact road safety. You become apprehensive every time you drive near them. Despite the fact that there are numerous federal and local regulations in place to prevent large commercial and 18-wheeler truck accidents, overload violations still occur that often have catastrophic consequences for car and truck accident victims. 

Serious penalties for DWI with a child passenger

Texas has an unfortunate reputation for a high number of car accidents related to drunk driving. The state has created several laws designed to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents. Most of these laws have escalating penalties for repeat offenders. However, there are serious consequences for the first offense when a person drives under the influence of alcohol with a child in the car.

Do not ignore pain after an accident

Drivers who get into a car accident in Texas may not think anything is physically wrong with them, especially if it was a minor fender bender. However, even small car accidents can result in bodily injury, and victims should not ignore symptoms, or else it can lead to major issues in the future. Some symptoms take time to appear, so it is important to handle things correctly with the insurance company and other driver so the proper party pays for injury treatment.

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