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April 2019 Archives

How does opiate addiction happen?

In Houston and all over the U.S., numerous families are experiencing the ravages of opiate addiction. Opiates can be prescribed legally or bought on the street, and even using opiates in the short-term can develop into a full-blown addiction that requires professional treatment. The Mayo Clinic explains how opiate addiction occurs and how to tell if your loved one is in need of help. 

Explaining the elements of negligent entrustment

Most say that any time you can walk away from a car accident in Houston you should count yourself lucky, yet those who subscribe to this notion may never have been involved in such an incident themselves. A common element you may often feel following an accident is frustration, whether that be for having to deal with medical, needing to take time away from work to recover, or being left without the use of your vehicle. Those frustrations may be compounded even further if you discover that the person who hit you has a history of poor driving. In such cases, many come to our team here at Charles J. Argento asking if there might be a way to hold however allowed such drivers access to vehicles responsible. 

Do lawsuits prevail when prescription drugs fail?

When a drug is defective and causes wide-spread damage, courts prefer a class-action lawsuit trial rather than trying the cases individually. Class action lawsuits are very effective and can represent millions of consumers. Big drug company lawsuits are a common feature in today's media.

For many patients, Methadone can decrease the quality of life

If you are a Texas resident involved in a severe car crash, construction site incident or any of a wide range of other accidents, you may experience debilitating pain. Health care professionals often prescribe powerful medicines to relieve patients’ pain, with devastating results. The team at Charles J. Argento & Associates often represent clients injured by dangerous drugs.

How many distracted driving deaths occur?

There are countless ways in which drivers become distracted on the road. Common distractions include using a phone or a GPS while behind the wheel, but there are many other things that can divert someone’s attention when they should be focusing on the road. For example, a driver may talk with other people in the car, reach for food, adjust the radio or become distracted for some other reason. Sadly, this behavior has cost many lives over the years, and even more people have been seriously hurt in these wrecks.

Why might a truck driver speed?

You can understand the pressure put on working professionals to perform well at their jobs in Houston. Thus, if and when you are involved in a truck accident caused by the actions of a truck driver, a good question to ask may be why were they driving the way that they were? Could a decision to have driven above the speed limit (or at a speed that most would consider safe to drive a large semi-truck) have been prompted by pressure to perform applied by their employers? 

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