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Seizure may be to blame for Grand Parkway collision

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | blog

For many in Houston, the years of experience behind the wheel may have them feeling like driving is such a second-nature activity that they can do it in almost any conditions. Yet in some cases, it may not be the road conditions that make it difficult for one to operate a vehicle, but rather their own physical condition. There is reason behind a doctor asking a patient if they have someone to drive them home, or if one who is sick is advised to have another run errands for them. When people are not at their best both physically and mentally, then they may not be able to perform well behind the wheel, either. 

Medical issues may have been the cause of a recent crash that occurred on Grand Parkway. The driver of a pickup truck crossed into oncoming traffic and struck four other vehicles, injuring himself and four others (two other accident victims were killed in the collision). The man driving the pickup truck was cooperative with authorities, and did not appear to be impaired at the time of the accident. Despite some bizarre background details that linked him to a criminal history, no indicators were present to help investigators determine what might make him lose control of his vehicle. 

Then it was revealed that the man had a history of seizures, and authorities were not even sure that he had medical clearance to drive due to that history. One whose ailments could affect their driving abilities should indeed need authorization from a medical professional before driving. If that need is ignored, that those who the persons needing it injure with their cars may have cause to seek action. Getting such action started may require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.