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How to navigate social media after an auto accident

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | blog

Social media and cars is a disastrous combination waiting to happen. Despite Texas passing many laws over the last few years to outlaw texting while driving, many Texans continue to do precisely that. 

However, the problems with social media continue even after a car accident. Until you settle your claim, you need to be extremely cautious about what you put online. It could come back to haunt you. 

Make your accounts private

Right after a car crash, you should set all your settings to private. Only your friends should be able to see what you post. Additionally, you should disable “sharing” on any posts or pictures your friends tag you in. In the aftermath of a car accident, the insurance companies will look for any reason to deny your claim. Your friends could post a picture of you looking happy, and that could be detrimental down the line. 

Post as little as possible

You may not be able to control what your friends post, but you can control what you put on Facebook and Instagram. You should avoid posting any details related to the accident or your insurance claim until it is over. Less is definitely more in this instance. An insurance company can use anything you post in court, so it may be a good time to take a break from social media for a while. 

Avoid deleting anything

In this circumstance, it is more prudent to change your privacy settings than delete previous posts. Even if the posts you get rid of have nothing to do with the accident, the insurance companies could still view that as spoilage of evidence. You want to leave all your current social media pages exactly as they are. 

Do not accept new friends

While your claim is still open, you should not accept any new friends unless you are 100 percent certain who they are. Insurance companies know people adjust their privacy settings, so they can use a false profile to access your information.