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Fender benders can cause soft tissue injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | blog

One big misconception about car accidents is that property damage correlates with injury severity. It only makes sense that a fender bender would only result in little-to-no injury, right? Actually, this is not always the case. Minor auto collisions can result in life-altering and expensive injuries.

If you recently got into a minor impact accident and are now starting to feel pain, you might feel confused and wonder what steps to take next. Here is an overview of common injuries that occur from minor accidents and what you should do.

Soft tissue injuries

If you are experiencing pain, soreness, stiffness or bruising after a seemingly minor collision, you most likely have a soft tissue injury. A soft tissue injury is when your ligaments, muscles and/or tendons get damaged. One common soft tissue injury is whiplash, which is characterized by sharp neck pain, stiffness and shoulder pain.

Minor crashes can also cause back pain and headaches. According to Dr. Alex Bigham, it is common for these injuries to appear hours or days after the initial collision.

Proving your injury

Insurance companies may try their best to fight back against those who make claims for injuries after a minor accident. This is why it is crucial to thoroughly document your injury. The most critical evidence is a diagnosis and treatment plan from your doctor. These injuries may require X-rays, MRIs or CT scans. You can also keep a journal to write about your daily struggles related to your injury. Insurance adjusters often fail to make adequate settlement offers for soft tissue injuries so you may need to take your case to trial by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Now that you know about soft tissue injuries, hopefully, what you are going through makes more sense. Just because your car was barely damaged does not mean you are free from all injuries.