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How can I avoid a rollover accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | blog

There are many dangers that you should be mindful of, as a driver. For example, you should avoid getting behind the wheel if you think you might have had a bit much too drink. Moreover, you should watch out for going over the speed limit or driving when road conditions are poor due to inclement weather. However, there are other risks that drivers face across Texas, such as the threat of a rollover accident. In order to avoid finding yourself in one of these crashes, it may be beneficial to review some information on these accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published some insightful data on rollover crashes. According to the NHTSA, these wrecks often take place because a driver leaves the roadway and collides with an object, maneuvers along a slope that is steep or goes into soil that is soft. However, rollover wrecks can also happen because a driver attempts to stop a collision by swerving at a high speed. By obeying the speed limit and avoiding driving while intoxicated, you may be less likely to find yourself in a rollover crash. Moreover, it is crucial to recognize that a majority of these accidents (almost three-quarters) occurred on rural roads in 2010, which may be due to the fact that rural areas do not have as many barriers.

If you have been injured in a rollover crash that happened because of someone’s recklessness, you should look at your legal options and immediately address the accident. Sadly, these wrecks will keep claiming lives in the years to come.