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Costs related to car accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | blog

When someone gets into a car accident in Texas, there are numerous costs associated with it. There is usually property damage as well as injuries that need medical attention. There may also be a loss of work days. Depending on whose fault the crash is, one party may pay for these expenses or various parties may split the costs.

According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, the cost of car crashes affect not only the victims but also society in general. It varies per year, but the average claim associated with property damage hovers around $3,000. Claims related to medical expenses generally cost more, with the average claim being around $15,000. While insurance companies and the victims themselves pay for a chunk of the expenses related to accidents, there is also a big financial impact to uninvolved parties, as they pay via travel delay, taxes and increased insurance premiums.

Besides the costs associated with fixing damaged vehicles, FindLaw outlines other expenses that may result due to a collision. Some of the biggest expenses relate to injuries and related treatment. Even minor accidents can result in bodily injuries that take a while to heal. Some of the related medical costs include:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Ambulance rides
  • Office visits with multiple healthcare providers
  • Physical therapy treatments
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Assistive devices
  • In-home services 

Some injuries are serious enough that they become permanent disabilities, which can result in long-term expenses or a big lump sum payment. The at-fault party may also be responsible for covering the victim’s lost wages due to injury or doctor’s visits. Other expenses may include pain and suffering or payments to the surviving spouse.