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Window tinting, visibility, and accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | blog

There are all sorts of ways in which traffic collisions occur, whether a driver collides with another vehicle while making a turn at dangerous speeds or someone falls asleep at the wheel. However, visibility can also play a role in motor vehicle collisions. For example, fog might interfere with someone’s ability to see what is in front of them, leading to an accident. In some cases, a vehicle with tinted windows might also impact a driver’s visibility, making them unable to see other vehicles and obstacles on the road as clear as possible.

Drivers choose to tint their windows for various reasons. Sometimes, they want additional privacy, while others might think the tint makes their vehicle look cool. Either way, any tint that interferes with their ability to see the road or other vehicles is irresponsible. Moreover, some people even tint their vehicles in ways that are against the law. Unfortunately, these windows have caused devastating crashes that have shattered innocent lives.

If you were hit by a car with windows that were extremely tinted, you should take photographs of the vehicle’s windows and the accident site. You should also be mindful of how this could affect your case if you decide to take legal action. Certain details, such as a driver operating a vehicle with windows that were tinted, can have a major impact on the outcome of your case (especially if the tint was illegal).

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