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What are common causes of car accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | blog

Car accidents are one of the biggest threats to human well-being and life in Houston and across the country. When vehicles collide, the victims often sustain minor or no injuries. However, many incidents result in car accident victims sustaining serious trauma to their bodies and losing their lives. As dangerous as car accidents are, many people do not realize how much of a role they play in them. 

Human error is one of the biggest contributors to motor vehicle collisions. But it is not the only reason why drivers should be mindful of their safety. Here are some common causes of car accidents that may be prevented by awareness. 

Lapse in judgment 

It is normal for people to experience lapses in judgment from time to time. But when they happen while driving, the results are often catastrophic. Not being familiar with the area, inattentiveness and overconfidence in driving skills can cause motorists to fail to follow all traffic rules, signs and other cues to prevent collisions. 

Teenage/inexperienced motorists 

Teenagers and newly licensed drivers are not familiar with the various road hazards they may encounter while driving. Reading about them is not the same as acting in the moment when exposed to them. They also lack the knowledge and experience to navigate challenging driving situations and are more likely to make major errors that compromise everyone’s safety. 


Distractions are quickly becoming a major problem for motorists. They drink, eat, text and groom themselves while driving, not realizing or caring about how risky their actions are for themselves and other drivers. 


Many people are aware they should not drink and drive. But a growing number of motorists are using medications, drugs and other substances that alter their minds and motor skills. 

Driving is not always a safe task. Motorists can lower their risk of harm and death by paying attention and not engaging in hazardous behaviors. They should also place more importance on their safety and holding others accountable for their negligent driving actions.