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How can different kinds of aggressive drivers lead to accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a person has to travel alongside various kinds of drivers, they may notice some of them put others at risk of a crash.

People who drive aggressively can cause a rear-end accident or tailgate another car. Knowing the varieties of dangerous driving and how to tell whether a person is aggressive or not is important.

Speeding driver

According to the United States Department of Transportation, breaking the speed limit is a kind of dangerous driving that can come from frustration. A person who is running late can disregard stop signs and lights in order to try to make it to their destination.

Some may cut in front of other vehicles on highways or fail to use their turn signal before switching lanes. Even one missed sign can lead to this car slamming into another vehicle or hitting a pedestrian.

Angry driver

A person who targets another driver often tailgates, or closely follows, them in order to intimidate them. Trying to make this other person feel a sense of fear can lead to an aggressive driver continually honking the horn and yelling in order to distract them.

This behavior can often escalate into an intense encounter where the person tries to run the driver off the road or ram into them.

Territorial driver

An aggressive driver may also try to weave between multiple lanes of traffic in order to catch up with a person’s vehicle. Once they are close, they could attempt to block them from turning off the road or exiting the lane.