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Houston crash injures six, kills one

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | blog

Many in Houston may wonder where does a driver’s responsibility to see to the safety of their passengers end. It is likely understood that a driver is to avoid any dangerous or reckless behavior behind the wheel, yet what about ensuring that their passengers are wearing seatbelts or other safety restraints? While it may be easy to understand why a driver is expected to make sure that any children traveling in their vehicles are safely secured, some might argue that the same responsibility should not be extended to adults. After all, adults should be able to understand the risks associated with not wearing a seatbelt, yet still, drivers can be held liable for not insisting that all of their passengers are restrained. 

The results of failing to do so can be catastrophic. That was clearly confirmed in an accident that recently took place in Northeast Houston. A car reportedly veered off the road and struck a concrete wall. The driver of the vehicle died in the crash, while another adult passenger as well as the five children in the car sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities reported that none of the occupants of the car were wearing seatbelts. 

While the driver in this case could potentially be held liable for not ensuring that every passenger was secured, some might question why even bring up the issue of liability due to her having died in the accident. Yet in cases such as these, survivors might still need compensation to deal with their own accident injuries. Such compensation can be sought from the estate of the responsible party. Those needing to initiate action in such a case may first want to consult with an attorney.