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Being uninsured or underinsured can create a host of problems

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | blog

We understand that car insurance can be expensive, especially in the tough financial climate many Texans are experiencing. It can be particularly difficult to pay for full coverage. However, the reality is that all drivers in the Lone Star state are responsible for insuring vehicles they drive on public roads. If you fail to insure your car and get into an accident, the consequences can be more expensive and extensive than you bargained for.

Unfortunately, you might suffer even if you are insured, but the other driver in the accident had no insurance or was insufficiently covered. For example, an underinsured driver might pay for the bare minimum of liability coverage. If he or she was found at fault in an accident that injured you, liability insurance might only pay for a fraction of your damages – meaning you are responsible for the rest of your expenses.

If you are in an accident or are pulled over for driving without insurance, you might face the following consequences:

  • Legal responsibility to pay the other driver’s damages out of your pocket, if the accident was your fault
  • A fine for being an uninsured driver
  • Requirement to obtain high-risk insurance, such as an SR-22, which is more expensive than normal insurance

What if the other driver was insufficiently insured? It may give you peace of mind, not to mention potentially save you thousands of dollars, if you purchase uninsured/underinsured coverage with your insurance provider. This option is meant to cover the expenses left over after the other driver’s insurance reaches its limit.

Insurance issues can be complicated, especially when you are dealing with an accident claim and trying to navigate the claims process. Whether the other driver involved in your accident was insufficiently insured or the insurance company is giving you problems, it can be a good idea to seek experienced legal counsel.