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Speeding, road conditions and large truck accidents

Most Texas drivers are used to sharing the road with large trucks. However, sometimes the sight of a tractor-trailer may cause fear or concern, especially if the driver is speeding. Accidents involving large trucks may lead to severe injuries and significant property damage. It may be helpful to understand the relationship between speeding and truck crashes, especially when road conditions are less than ideal.

What to do about the surge in truck accidents

Drivers in Texas regularly share the road with truck drivers. While most drivers exercise caution when in close proximity to big rigs, some are reckless regardless of who they share the roads with. Even when careful, some drivers may become the unfortunate victim of another driver’s mistake. Maybe a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel or swerves to avoid a pedestrian and strikes the car in the neighboring lane.

Staying safe in work zones near commercial trucks

Commercial trucks go by many names. You may call them semi’s, big rigs, tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers. They are a common part of the highway landscape in Texas. Loaded with goods from salsa to tennis shoes, they weigh several tons. The weight makes stopping quickly virtually impossible. Now that summer has arrived, work-zones for widening roads and repairing damaged pavement are also numerous. At Charles J. Argento, we often represent clients injured in a collision with a big truck.

Allergies and large truck collisions

Large truck crashes happen for countless reasons, but there are a number of risks associated with certain seasons. For example, inclement weather during the winter (such as ice and snow) can lead to a crash. However, even when weather conditions improve in the spring, there may be other seasonal issues to take into consideration, such as allergies. Many people struggle with seasonal allergies and this can be especially problematic for those who drive large trucks. In this post, we will examine some of these concerns.

Big fines for distracted big rig drivers

Tractor trailer trucks line Texas highways as they deliver goods ranging from produce to cars. Even when unloaded, big rigs can weigh more than 20 times as much as your passenger vehicle. Devastating injuries often result when 18-wheelers and cars collide. At Charles J. Argento, we understand that big truck accidents are different from regular car crashes and fight to get clients the compensation needed to pay for medical bills and long-term expenses.

Why might a truck driver speed?

You can understand the pressure put on working professionals to perform well at their jobs in Houston. Thus, if and when you are involved in a truck accident caused by the actions of a truck driver, a good question to ask may be why were they driving the way that they were? Could a decision to have driven above the speed limit (or at a speed that most would consider safe to drive a large semi-truck) have been prompted by pressure to perform applied by their employers? 

Should I assume truck cameras can see me?

With more and more trucking companies opting to equip their commercial trucks with the latest surveillance technology, you might breathe a little easier as you approach a large truck on a Texas highway. However, you should not let down your guard. You do not know if that truck has the necessary tech to spot you if you end up in the truck’s blind spot, plus a truck’s surveillance system might contain blind spots of its own.

Truck accidents and neck injuries

Some truck crashes involve small or mid-sized pickup trucks, while others involve semi-trucks and other types of large trucks. The consequences of these accidents will vary from one crash to the next, some resulting in the loss of life and others leaving nobody harmed. In this blog post, we will examine some of the challenges associated with neck injuries, a serious problem that has shattered the lives of many truck crash victims.

Common causes of truck accidents

Truck drivers in Texas go through special driving courses and, overall, are safe and competent vehicle operators. However, their size and weight can result in serious accidents, so it is important to avoid them as much as possible. Common causes of crashes involving large trucks are errors by both commercial drivers and passenger vehicle drivers.

2017 sees spike in truck accident deaths in Texas

If you are like most people who live in Texas, you find yourself next to semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles while on the road on a relatively regular basis. These big rigs are essential for many things as they transport the goods people need to use and purchase for both consumers and businesses alike. However, these vehicles can also pose serious risks to other motorists if they are involved in accidents.

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