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2017 sees spike in truck accident deaths in Texas

If you are like most people who live in Texas, you find yourself next to semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles while on the road on a relatively regular basis. These big rigs are essential for many things as they transport the goods people need to use and purchase for both consumers and businesses alike. However, these vehicles can also pose serious risks to other motorists if they are involved in accidents.

How do truckers prevent fatigue?

When driving in Texas, it is not uncommon to find yourself sharing the road with an 18-wheeler or some other large truck. These vehicles are needed as they transport and deliver many essential items from gasoline to groceries and more. However, an accident involving one of these vehicles can be extremely dangerous. This is why truckers need to be very careful to operate vehicles safely and avoid becoming tired when on the job.

Truck drivers and prescription medications

Large truck wrecks happen across the country for many different reasons. Fatigue is especially prevalent in the industry and many truck drivers do not get the amount of sleep they need before getting behind the wheel, while others drive for extended periods of time and are dangerously tired. However, drowsy driving can also be caused by the consumption of prescription medication. Moreover, some truck drivers may intentionally or accidentally find themselves intoxicated as a result of taking prescriptions. Sadly, this can interfere with their driving abilities and lead to a collision which proves fatal or causes victims to sustain major injuries.

Recovering from a crash as a garbage truck driver

There are many different examples of truck accidents, such as semi truck drivers who suffer from fatigue or people who are involved in a crash while driving a delivery truck. However, there are additional concerns related to this facet of traffic collisions, such as garbage truck accidents. If you drive a garbage truck, or someone you love drives one of these vehicles, it is important to be aware of the different hazards on the road. Unfortunately, accidents keep happening for countless reasons and it is essential for victims to focus on recovering when they are involved in one firsthand.

What are the most common fatal truck crash causes?

Accidents occur on roads across the U.S. for many different reasons. In Houston, and other parts of Texas, they may be caused by truck driver fatigue, inclement weather, or busy roads, among many other factors. If you are worried about a large truck accident, it is important to go over some of the different causes, especially if you are a truck driver or own a trucking company. Unfortunately, these collisions will continue to claim lives.

What are some other large truck wreck causes?

On this blog, various risks associated with large truck collisions have been covered, such as fatigue and negligent truck companies. However, there are all sorts of other factors that can result in a collision involving a large truck and it is important for all drivers to keep these risks in mind. Unfortunately, some large truck operators in Houston and other parts of Texas neglect to pay attention to various threats when behind the wheel, resulting in a devastating crash.

When truck companies are responsible for crashes

When it comes to large truck wrecks, people often focus on accidents that are caused by reckless truck drivers or the drivers of other vehicles. Truck driver fatigue, intoxicated driving, and other factors such as trying to pass a truck without enough room are frequently referenced. However, there are many more truck crash causes and in some instances, a truck company is responsible for the collision. If you were involved in a large truck wreck, our law office knows how crucial it is to carefully go over all of the details that are relevant to the accident, such as figuring out whether or not a truck company shares some blame in the accident.

Avoiding the no-zones of trucks

Our law firm knows that truck crashes happen for many reasons and that victims cannot always prevent an accident. For example, a trucker might decide to operate their vehicle even though they have consumed alcohol or failed to get enough sleep and are too fatigued to safely drive. Moreover, trucking companies may also be responsible for accidents in some instances, such as those which involve inadequate maintenance, or even defective parts. In some cases, drivers are able to prevent an accident and it is imperative for you to understand any potential danger areas when you are on the road, from the risks posed by inclement weather to the no-zones of a large truck.

How prevalent are fatal truck wrecks?

Victims of truck accidents often face many different challenges as they try to piece their lives back together, from painful injuries to hospital expenses, emotional problems, and lost wages. Sadly, many of these accidents also result in the loss of life, which frequently leaves families with overwhelming sadness and financial problems that can make life even harder. In Houston, and cities around the entire state of Texas, it is crucial for truck drivers to respect their responsibilities and prevent a crash. Tragically, far too many lives are claimed in deadly truck accidents each year.

Recovering from a truck wreck

Victims of any type of traffic accident may face an array of hardships, such as debilitating injuries and the loss of their lives. However, those involved in crashes which involve a large truck face an especially high likelihood of serious injuries and death. There are many reasons why truck wrecks can be so devastating, from the impressive size of the vehicles to the greater amount of time it can take truckers to bring their truck to a complete stop. Our law firm recognizes the emotional, physical, and financial consequences of truck crashes for people in Houston, and other parts of Texas.

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