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Distracted driving is a serious problem

While Texas residents probably know that drunk driving is a common problem in the state, recent statistics indicate that distracted driving is a significant concern as well. Most distracted driving accidents occur because drivers are texting or looking at their cell phone screens. There are other potential distractions as well, such as eating, grooming and interacting with passengers, that may lead to a car accident. While it may seem that distracted driving is less risky than some other behaviors, it is often just as dangerous as drunk or aggressive driving.

Help police by recognizing drunk drivers

People who drive after drinking too much put other drivers in Texas at risk. Motorists can help prevent many accidents by being able to recognize when a driver may be operating a vehicle while under the influence. There are certain signs to look out for so one can contact the authorities and report erratic driving.

Do not drive if you take certain medications

Many people in Texas are taking at least one type of over-the-counter or prescription medication, whether for an acute problem or a chronic health issue. What some do not realize is that there are numerous medications that negatively affect one's ability to drive or operate machinery. If someone drives under the influence of these drugs, not only does this increase the chances of accidents, but it can also result in a DUI.

How should you react to an aggressive driver?

There are many behaviors that may result in car accidents, including aggressive driving. While this problem does not always get as much attention as drunk or distracted driving, Texas does have laws in place that punish aggressive drivers with a fine and possible jail time. If you encounter an aggressive driver on the road, it is important to react in a way that limits the chances of a collision or confrontation. If you feel that you are in danger from an aggressive driver, you should call the police.

Costs related to car accidents

When someone gets into a car accident in Texas, there are numerous costs associated with it. There is usually property damage as well as injuries that need medical attention. There may also be a loss of work days. Depending on whose fault the crash is, one party may pay for these expenses or various parties may split the costs.

Tips for driving at night

People who drive at night in Texas may not be aware that doing so greatly increases their chances of being in an accident. Not only is it harder to see when it is dark out, but certain conditions make it even more challenging to see the road. Ideally, driving at night should only occur when necessary, and if one must drive there are certain tips that can enhance safety for everyone.

Serious penalties for DWI with a child passenger

Texas has an unfortunate reputation for a high number of car accidents related to drunk driving. The state has created several laws designed to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents. Most of these laws have escalating penalties for repeat offenders. However, there are serious consequences for the first offense when a person drives under the influence of alcohol with a child in the car.

Do not ignore pain after an accident

Drivers who get into a car accident in Texas may not think anything is physically wrong with them, especially if it was a minor fender bender. However, even small car accidents can result in bodily injury, and victims should not ignore symptoms, or else it can lead to major issues in the future. Some symptoms take time to appear, so it is important to handle things correctly with the insurance company and other driver so the proper party pays for injury treatment.

Piecing your life together after a scooter accident

Traffic accidents happen in many different ways and they involve different types of vehicles. While trucks, SUVs and smaller cars are often involved in wrecks, it is important to recognize that motorcyclists, bicyclists and those riding scooters or mopeds may also be involved in a serious collision. If you have been hit by a reckless driver while operating a scooter, you may be going through all sorts of different challenges. From physical pain due to an injury to mental trauma and financial consequences, these accidents can be overwhelming.

How can I avoid road rage?

Driving angry is never a good thing. Not only can it distract you from the task at hand, it can also result in dangerous altercations with you and other motorists. Knowing how to avoid road rage behaviors, both in yourself and when other drivers display them, will help keep you safe on the road. That's why Geico offers the following tips to Houston motorists. 

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