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Are hands-free devices safe to use while driving?

Many drivers realize the dangers associated with texting while operating a vehicle and other behaviors that are against the law in many states. However, some may wonder whether it is safe to use a hands-free device while driving. After all, if someone can hold a conversation with another person over the phone without using their hands, they will be able to keep their hands on the wheel and should be less distracted than if they were holding a phone with one of their hands. However, hands-free devices can also be very distracting, regardless of whether they are legal to use or not.

Car accident injuries and marital problems

Auto accident victims may face numerous challenges as they try to move forward from the accident, especially if they are struggling with a debilitating injury such as a broken back or brain trauma as a result of hitting their head in the collision. However, the consequences of a car collision can extend far beyond physical injuries and they may also include financial problems, emotional challenges and difficulties in personal relationships. For example, some people who are injured in a car wreck may face hurdles in their marriage.

What is Invokana and what are the risks of taking it?

Every prescription medication comes with possible side effects. Researchers and doctors take these possibilities into account and weigh the benefits against the potential risks when deciding to approve the drug for use or prescribe it to patients. If you are a type 2 diabetic in Texas, your doctor may have prescribed or recommended Invokana as a treatment to lower your blood sugar. However, you may find that the potential risks of taking Invokana outweigh the benefits. 

Car accidents during a polar vortex

Extremely cold temperatures in many parts of the U.S. have recently made headlines, and this cold weather can be so dangerous that it has even resulted in the loss of life. If you live in the Midwest or the Northeast and temperatures have dipped dangerously low due to a polar vortex, or if you ever find yourself driving during in extremely cold weather, it is important to be prepared for some of the challenges you may face. Often, it is smart to stay off the road altogether and wait until the weather improves. Unfortunately, some people decide to drive, and they may be in a very dangerous position if an accident occurs.

Are older vehicles more dangerous?

There are many different factors to examine when it comes to assessing the risk of an auto accident and the likelihood that those involved will lose their lives. Speed, road conditions and alcohol consumption are frequently examined. However, it is vital to take other potential risk factors into consideration, such as the age of a vehicle. People drive older vehicles for many reasons, whether they have a passion for classic cars, or they have to drive an older vehicle because they are living on a budget. Either way, it is important for drivers to be aware of the potential risks.

Nursing home patients and traffic crashes

For those living in nursing homes, there are many different hazards that can result in a worsened health condition, an injury or even the loss of a patient’s life. Outside of negligence that takes place within a facility, there are a number of other ways in which nursing home patients are hurt. For example, they may be involved in a traffic accident while they are being transported in one of the facility’s vans. Or, they may be hit by a vehicle while walking around outside. Sadly, these accidents can be especially devastating for nursing home patients and their loved ones.

Motion sickness and car crashes

Sometimes, people experience motion sickness while they are behind the wheel. This can be especially problematic for those who spend a long amount of time in the car, or those who find themselves making many turns or driving around sharp corners. When some people are not feeling well, their driving abilities may be affected in various ways. Aside from feeling nauseous and even vomiting, some drivers may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision. On the road, you should be mindful of these issues if you experience motion sickness, feel dizzy or have any other problem that could impact your ability to operate your vehicle.

Left-hand turns and auto accidents

Driving can be especially tricky at certain times, from taking to the road in an area that has seen significant snowfall to driving through congested traffic during rush hour. It can be more difficult to drive in certain spots, such as those which have confusing signs or are constantly busy. Moreover, certain maneuvers may be more challenging and lead to a higher chance of a crash. For example, some drivers may have a harder time making a left-hand turn on a particular road as opposed to a right-hand turn.

Seizure may be to blame for Grand Parkway collision

For many in Houston, the years of experience behind the wheel may have them feeling like driving is such a second-nature activity that they can do it in almost any conditions. Yet in some cases, it may not be the road conditions that make it difficult for one to operate a vehicle, but rather their own physical condition. There is reason behind a doctor asking a patient if they have someone to drive them home, or if one who is sick is advised to have another run errands for them. When people are not at their best both physically and mentally, then they may not be able to perform well behind the wheel, either. 

Can cigarette smoking cause a car crash?

Driving drunk and taking illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel is not only dangerous but against the law as well. However, some drivers do not realize that other types of behaviors may increase the probability of a motor vehicle collision also. For example, someone may be more likely to cause a car accident if they are smoking a cigarette while they are driving. Even though this may not seem like something that would cause a crash, there are various concerns associated with this behavior.

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