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For many patients, Methadone can decrease the quality of life

If you are a Texas resident involved in a severe car crash, construction site incident or any of a wide range of other accidents, you may experience debilitating pain. Health care professionals often prescribe powerful medicines to relieve patients’ pain, with devastating results. The team at Charles J. Argento & Associates often represent clients injured by dangerous drugs.

Drugs may interact with other drugs, and with foods

According to the Houston Chronicle, the number of deaths caused by drug overdoses in Texas is experiencing a sharp increase. In fact, the article in question reports that in the last 18 years, drug overdoses have tripled. The news agency came to this conclusion after studying new federal statistics showcasing the opioid crisis in America.

How do medication errors occur?

While medications are intended to heal, in some cases they actually cause harm. According to the Mayo Clinic, on a yearly basis preventable medication errors affect hundreds of thousands of people, with sometimes serious consequences. The following information sheds light on what medication errors entail and what steps you can take to potentially avoid them.

Is a pharmacist liable for a drug reaction?

When you get your prescription filled at a Texas pharmacy, the pharmacist may ask if you have any questions about your medication. Whether you say yes or no, he or she is likely to next you to note that you accepted counseling from him or her regarding your medication. While you absolutely should discuss the possible outcomes of any prescription with your doctor, your pharmacist has specialized training regarding medications and may have some important information that the doctor didn't mention.

Off-label drug use could be dangerous

A Texas physician sees a patient and realizes that the risks outweigh the benefits of the medication that he or she would normally prescribe to treat that condition. However, the drug manufacturer has provided information about another medication that could be helpful, even though it was actually developed and tested for treatment of another health issue. 

How do medication errors happen?

If you have been prescribed a medication or anticipate that you will soon need to take a certain drug, you could have different questions running through your mind. For example, you might be worried about side effects or other issues related to the medication. Unfortunately, some people are hurt because of a medication error, which can occur in many different ways. It is vital to be vigilant and watch out for these errors, but if you believe a mistake has already caused you to suffer you may also want to look over legal options.

What are the different drug recall categories?

News of prescription drug recalls can quickly cause you and other Houston residents to panic. There is good reason behind your concerns; taking a defective or dangerous drug can cause severe harm or (in certain cases) even death. Yet not every drug recall is due to a potentially fatal complication. Understanding how drug recalls are classified may help you and others to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to manage drug safety

Prescription medication users in Texas should know that all drugs come with certain side effects. The pharmaceutical companies who manufacture these medications are responsible for communicating all possible negative consequences of taking their drugs. Healthcare providers also need to have this information so they can prescribe the proper meds for their patients.

Side effects and risks of using Invokana

People in Texas who take, or have taken, Invokana for Type 2 Diabetes need to be aware of the risks associated with its use. Also known as Canagliflozin, this drug is prescribed for patients with high blood sugar, and is meant to be taken in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes such as exercise and a proper diet.

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