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3 types of evidence to use for your car accident case in Houston

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to a 2019 Texas Department of Transportation report, the state saw over 430,000 crashes. Houston took the No. 1 spot with the most crashes at close to 69,000.

Were you a part of the 69,000? If so, you may have to work with an insurance company. As part of the claim, they may ask for evidence. Do you know what you need? Here are three types of evidence to use for your claim.

1. Photos and videos

Photo and video evidence may be the most crucial evidence needed when filing a car accident claim. Both types may represent the actions that occurred at the time of the accident. They may show:

  • Road conditions
  • Vehicles involved
  • Where the accident happened
  • Your injuries

Take as many photos as possible after the accident to preserve a clear picture of what happened.

2. Witness statements

People who saw the accident may help to clarify who was at fault. They can provide valuable information about what transpired before and after. Get the names and contact information.

3. Police reports

Calling 911 after the crash will allow the police to file a report that can use as evidence. If you do not call the police, you may still have to file a report. Texas law requires you to submit an accident report if the accident:

  • Causes bodily injury or death
  • Damage to vehicles of more than $1,000

You could face penalties and fines if you do not file a report when needed.

Knowing the evidence to submit after an accident may help get you the money required for car repairs and medical bills.