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3 tips for talking to your child about your serious injury

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | blog

Commercial trucking accidents have been on an upward swing in recent years. When a tractor-trailer collides with a passenger vehicle, serious injuries and fatalities are common. If you have suffered a major injury in a collision with a semitruck, you may wonder how to explain your injury to your son or daughter. 

How you talk to your child about your injury likely depends on his or her age. Nevertheless, the following three tips may help. 

1. Be honest

Your child may be uncomfortable interacting with you after your injury, especially if the injury involves severe physical damage. Still, the American Psychological Association recommends honesty. Using language your son or daughter understands, explain how your injuries happened and how you feel. 

2. Explain the consequences

Your serious injury may cause significant disruption to your child’s family life. To set reasonable expectations, discuss how things may change either temporarily or permanently. Because your child needs continuity to feel secure, also talk about how his or her life will stay the same. 

3. Revisit the matter

After you explain your injury, your child may have a few questions. He or she may also remain silent. Either way, you should prepare yourself to revisit the matter in the future. That is, you may need to have a few conversations to help your child adjust to your injury. 

For your son or daughter, coping with your injury may take time. By keeping lines of communication open and regularly addressing your child’s concerns, you may minimize the emotional toll your injury takes on the young one in your family.