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Drugs may interact with other drugs, and with foods

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2019 | blog

According to the Houston Chronicle, the number of deaths caused by drug overdoses in Texas is experiencing a sharp increase. In fact, the article in question reports that in the last 18 years, drug overdoses have tripled. The news agency came to this conclusion after studying new federal statistics showcasing the opioid crisis in America.

While this is certainly alarming, it may sometimes mask smaller but equally important risks of overdose and drug incompatibility. This is because often times when people become ill due to drug use or overdose, this is not always because of drug abuse or addiction. Some patients who are legitimately ill may simply be prescribed medication that is incompatible with other medication they are already taking.

If a patient is seeing multiple doctors for different reasons and is prescribed medication by two or more of these doctors, then this may be where a recipe for disaster begins. For this very reason, it is very important for patients to let doctors know any and all other medications they may taking, before accepting and filling more prescriptions.

There is one additional type of drug incompatibility, however, that is often overlooked. This is the incompatibility of drugs with certain foods. According to Next Avenue, there are several food and drug combinations that may create a recipe for disaster. For example, the media company identifies antibiotics and dairy products as a bad pair. This is because dairy products often reduce the body’s ability to absorb antibiotics. This, in turn, decreases the patient’s ability to fight off the bacterial infection for which it was prescribed.

When it comes to staying healthy, keeping all doctors in constant communication with each other is perhaps one of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of being prescribed incompatible medication. There is also no harm in asking questions about any dietary restrictions or recommendations for medication at the time it is prescribed. Remember, doctors are human like everyone else, but a single lapse in judgement on their part may either cost or save a life. Take care.