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Pedestrian accidents during Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | blog

People are struck by vehicles while walking throughout the year, but some occasions are especially likely to result in pedestrian accidents. For example, Halloween is a particularly dangerous time for those who go from door to door while wearing costumes and ask for candy. A driver may collide with a pedestrian at a relatively low speed, which can still be dangerous, or they may even run into a trick-or-treater at a high speed, claiming their life or causing them to become seriously harmed.

It is important for parents to remind their kids of the dangers they may face while trick-or-treating and to be cautious while on or near the road. Unfortunately, some reckless drivers pose a risk to pedestrians regardless of the precautionary measures that pedestrians take. For example, someone who drinks too much at a Halloween party and decides to get in their car may veer off of the road or drive far too fast through a residential neighborhood with many children walking around.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can be especially dangerous since those walking are so vulnerable in comparison to a much larger vehicle. A child who is struck by a car while trick-or-treating may pass away, and even if they survive they may suffer injuries that permanently alter the course of their life. For example, they may have a broken bone, a head injury or some other serious trauma that disrupts their life. Parents should examine their legal options if their child is involved in a pedestrian accident during Halloween or at any other time.