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How can pedestrian accidents in rural areas be avoided?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | blog

When people think of a pedestrian accident, they may envision an urban environment, where someone is struck by a car and traffic is hectic. However, these accidents also take place in rural areas and there are a number of ways that communities can work to reduce these accidents. Moreover, pedestrians should be aware of various ways they can stay safe while walking. From reflective clothing to staying off of the road while under the influence of alcohol and being aware of nearby traffic, there are a number of safety tips that pedestrians should keep in mind.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are a number of ways in which pedestrian accidents can be reduced in rural communities. For example, the FHWA offers some recommendations which could be beneficial for certain rural communities, such as increasing lighting on dark roads, improving signage, paving road shoulders, adding sidewalks and educating pedestrians as well as drivers. Pedestrians should also avoid darting across the road and understand the risks associated with failure to yield.

Unfortunately, pedestrians are not always able to prevent an accident even if they take every precautionary measure short of staying off of the road altogether. Reckless drivers may unexpectedly swerve off of the road and collide with someone who is walking on the sidewalk, or run a red light and hit someone trying to cross the road. These pedestrian accidents can be devastating for the people who are hit and those they love, which is why the prevention of these accidents should be a top priority in communities across the country.