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How can bicyclists reduce the chances of a traffic accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | blog

On the road, there are all sorts of dangers and these risk factors can be especially concerning for bicyclists. As a result, it is essential for bicyclists to do all that they can to reduce the likelihood of a traffic accident taking place. Whether you bike to work or regularly ride a bicycle to get some exercise, it is vital to recognize the risks you face and do what you can to stay safe on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided a number of tips that can help bicyclists avoid a bicycle accident while on the road. For example, bicyclists should carefully plan their route beforehand and try to find the safest route, which may include riding in a lane that is intended for bikes or off the road altogether. Reflective gear and bright clothes can help make bicyclists more visible to drivers, reducing the chances of an accident. Bicyclists should also make sure they ride bikes that are maintained properly (functioning brakes, etc.) and appropriate for their size.

Sadly, traffic accidents involving bicyclists will continue to happen regardless of the safety precautions that are taken. Even when a bicyclist does all that they can to prevent an accident, a drunk driver may veer off of the road and slam into them at a high rate of speed, for example. When bicycle accidents take place due to the negligence of a driver who should not have been behind the wheel, the victims of these accidents should have a clear understanding of whatever legal options they may have.