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When an on-the-job car crash occurs

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | blog

Motor vehicle accidents happen at all times of day (and night), from the early morning hours on weekdays to weekends. Some occur while people are driving to or from work or running personal errands, but others happen while people are on the job. Not only do large truck drivers, taxi drivers and others whose job revolves around driving a vehicle run the risk of being involved in a work-related crash, but people employed in other types of fields may face these threats as well. Moreover, work-related accidents can be devastating in more ways than one.

A construction worker may be involved in a collision while driving a truck, or someone working on a job site (including a road construction site) may be hit by a truck. Even office workers may be involved in a job-related accident, such as those who are asked to run an errand (pick up lunch, buy supplies, etc.). Regardless of the reasons why work-related motor vehicle wrecks continue to happen, the consequences can be damaging for workers as well as their employers.

A job-related crash may cause an injury that will prevent an employee from working for a short period of time or indefinitely. Sometimes, these wrecks are fatal and leave the loved ones of a worker with lifelong grief. If you have been involved in an accident at work, you should have a firm understanding of what your legal options are and the resources that may be able to help you move on from the auto collision.