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Work shifts and drowsy driving

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | blog

Drivers become drowsy for many different reasons, from a poor night’s sleep to the use of certain types of prescription medication. However, work-related fatigue is especially common, and many people have had a hard time concentrating on the road because they either worked too many hours or worked a night shift and had difficulty adjusting. Unfortunately, those who drive while fatigued put many lives at risk, including their own. If you regularly work long shifts or expect to work during the night and are not used to overnight work, it is important to be aware of the potential risks.

When someone works for a long period of time, they may become exhausted both mentally and physically. This exhaustion can result in drowsy driving and affect their reaction time and ability to focus on the road, thereby increasing the chances of a crash. In fact, a driver who is fatigued may even fall asleep while behind the wheel, which is terrifying. Moreover, those who work irregular shifts may have their sleep cycles disrupted and they may get less quality sleep, also increasing the likelihood of drowsy driving.

Clearly, the hours people work not only make them tired but can increase the probability of a collision on the road. If you were hit by someone who was sleep deprived or suffering from fatigue after work, you should know what your legal rights are as you try to recover from the wreck. To read more about different topics related to drowsy driving visit our accidents section.