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Truck drivers and prescription medications

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | blog

Large truck wrecks happen across the country for many different reasons. Fatigue is especially prevalent in the industry and many truck drivers do not get the amount of sleep they need before getting behind the wheel, while others drive for extended periods of time and are dangerously tired. However, drowsy driving can also be caused by the consumption of prescription medication. Moreover, some truck drivers may intentionally or accidentally find themselves intoxicated as a result of taking prescriptions. Sadly, this can interfere with their driving abilities and lead to a collision which proves fatal or causes victims to sustain major injuries.

There are all sorts of prescription drugs that truck drivers consume behind the wheel, legally and illegally. Some are intended to address pain, while others are meant to reduce anxiety or help with allergies. These different drugs can affect those who take them differently and may cause a wide variety of side effects that can affect someone’s ability to drive safe. Moreover, when someone is in control of a semi truck and they are not able to focus on the road or manage the truck, this can be extremely dangerous.

Large truck drivers may have an especially hard time managing such a massive vehicle when they are impaired due to prescription drugs, especially since it can take longer for these trucks to come to a complete stop. Many lives have been shattered due to large truck collisions and our page on this topic provides more information for victims who are trying to recover from a crash.