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Summer break, teen drivers and car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | blog

There are a host of reasons why teens may be more likely to find themselves in an accident at certain times. For example, some young drivers may not have very much experience behind the wheel or they could drive drunk due to peer pressure. There are a number of other risk factors that teen drivers and those riding in a car driven by a teenager may need to watch out for, such as speeding, fatigue and more. Unfortunately, these crashes have left many people with devastating injuries and it is especially crucial for teens and the parents of young drivers to watch out during summer break.

Over the summer vacation, many young drivers enjoy a sense of freedom and having the ability to take a break from school. This is also a time when many young people get together with their friends, go on road trips or find other ways to enjoy their summer break. However, motor vehicle accidents can completely shatter a young person’s summer break and leave them with debilitating injuries. Worse, some of these crashes prove fatal.

Some teens are hurt and killed in crashes caused by the recklessness of others. On the other hand, some teen drivers put lives at risk by driving under the influence or going over the speed limit. Either way, if the negligence of another driver has left you or someone you love with a serious injury, you may need to take legal action and it is crucial to be prepared. Our crash page has more related to teens and traffic collisions.