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Do passenger car crashes cause more injuries and deaths?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | blog

When it comes to accidents, there are so many different factors to consider, from motorcyclist helmet use to the prevalence of collisions that take place during inclement weather. However, looking at collisions from a unique perspective may also offer insight into wrecks, and this can be helpful for those who worry about finding themselves in a collision. For example, do accidents involving light trucks result in more fatalities and injuries in comparison to crashes involving other vehicles?

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that during 2010, more deadly accidents involving a passenger car occurred than any other type of vehicle (17,718, or 39.6 of all fatal wrecks). However, light truck accidents were a close second, claiming 17,428 lives over the course of the year. In comparison, 4,633 fatal motorcycle accidents and 3,484 deadly large truck wrecks took place. Moreover, passenger car accidents were also responsible for most of the crashes which resulted in an injury. Throughout 2010, 1.5 million collisions which caused an injury involved a passenger car, accounting for 56 percent of all accidents resulting in an injury.

When it comes to deadly collisions, some people may forget the devastating pain that a crash can cause an entire family to suffer. Not only does losing a loved one in an accident cause serious emotional trauma that may never go away, but financial issues are not uncommon, either. As a result, someone who is struggling with the consequences of a crash should hold a reckless driver responsible, if his or her negligence caused the accident.