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A closer look at drugged driving

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | blog

Many people recognize the dangers associated with driving after having one too many drinks, however some people fail to understand the consequences associated with drugged driving and the different substances that can impact a person’s ability to drive. Many people understand that hard street drugs can leave a user heavily intoxicated and unable to drive safely, but some people do not realize that other substances, such as medical marijuana and prescription medication, can also increase the likelihood of a crash significantly.

In recent years, many people across the country have been prescribed medication by their physician for one health problem or another. However, these medications can interfere with driving abilities, even if a person does not exceed the dosage that their doctor recommended. Moreover, many people have turned to medical marijuana with the legalization of this substance in certain states and increasing popularity with regard to the use of this substance. However, drivers should recognize that it may interfere with their ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Sadly, drugged drivers will keep getting behind the wheel, putting innocent lives in danger. If you were struck by someone who was intoxicated, it is extremely important for you to immediately understand what your options are and take action to defend your rights. From injuries that lead to the loss of a job to physical pain and emotional issues, there are a wide range of consequences associated with these wrecks and victims should not remain silent.

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